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Est. for over 30 years

16A HIgh Street, Bexley, Kent, DA5 1AD


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Many private health insurance companies will pay for osteopathic treatment but you should check with your provider first. We are very experienced in dealing with the main insurers so should hopefully be able to meet your requirements.

Osteopathic clinic in Bexley

Providing osteopathy care for adults of all ages, children and babies for over 30-years in the Bexley and Kent areas, the expert technicians at The Bexley Osteopathic Clinic can help you enjoy your life to the full again.

Our expert osteopaths offer a range of services including:

About the clinic

Request an appointment with The Bexley Osteopathic Clinic for help and advice from alternative healthcare experts.

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Graeme Western first started The Bexley Osteopathic Clinic in 1987 and by 1998 it had become one of the biggest UK practices. It is probably the oldest established osteopathy clinic in the area with patients travelling a long way to see us for treatment.

Experienced osteopaths

Graeme expanded the clinic by forming a team of experienced osteopaths with a basic common approach. They are all patient oriented, have a quality traditional osteopathy approach but also have different areas of interest and specialism. This enables us to provide the most effective treatment.

Private health insurance

What to expect on your first appointment

On a first visit we allow an hour but the time you spend with us may be a bit more or less than this depending on what the osteopath finds - so it is best to allow up to 2 hours if you are buying a parking ticket. The osteopath will take an appropriate case history, examine and then provided they feel it is safe and appropriate they will give treatment. The osteopath should explain what they propose with regard to your problem and treatment but if there is anything more you are not clear about, please ask straight away.


If you require any follow up sessions these are usually approximately 30 minutes.


Please try ot be on time for your appointments as the osteopaths do try and run reasonably to time when possible. If for any reason you are unable to keep an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice otherwise a charge may be liable.


In order to make a diagnosis, the osteopath will usually need to see the problem area and with some problems - most usually the lower back, the osteopath might find it helpful to assess the general posture, and this is sometimes done with the patient undressed to their underwear, i.e. underpants for men/bra and pants for women. Underwear is of course kept on at all times. If you are not happy with undressing, do feel free to let the osteopath know what you are comfortable with. Some patients choose to bring in shorts and a vest to change into and a gown is always available. We want our patients to be relaxed but have to rely on yourselves to let us know what would work for you and we will try our best to work with that. If you would like to have someone with you as a chaperone then please feel free to bring someone suitable in with you.

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Insurance Approved

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Clinic Closure - 24 March 2020


The health and safety of our patients and staff is our priority, so in line with government advice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we are temporarily, closing our clinic in Bexley for all face to face appointments. We hope to open as soon as it is safe and viable to so. This decision is taken with a heavy heart as it affects both our patients and our staff. If you have any concerns and need some advice, you can contact us via email and leave us your contact number and message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our clinic email address is Alternatively, please call  07821688218.

Stay safe and wishing you the best of health


Best Wishes.


Graeme Western